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The Reverse Osmosis caters every need and budget. Removing 99.9% of all contaminants, chemicals such as Chlorine and Fluoride, this system protects your family from all the nasties in your water. Built with an Alkaliser, this unit will add the good minerals back into the water... for more information on the Reverse Osmosis or to place an order, click here

The Three Stage Undersink water filter fits neatly under the sink whether in a home or office removing chlorine and other contaminants. Combining the Three Stage Undersink with an Undersink Chiller will leave you with an endless supply of chilled filtered water for those hot summer days! For more information on the Three stage undersink or to place an order, click here

Want to filter all the taps in your home? The Whole house filtration system can do exactly that! Removing sediments, dirt, dust, rust and chlorine from all your taps, this unit will cater for just that! For more information on whole house filtration or to place an order, click here

Don't want to filter the whole house but want chlorine out of your shower water? You can opt to have a Shower filter that can remove the chlorine out of your shower water leaving your hair and skin healthier then before! For more information on shower filters and how much it can benefit your skin and hair, click here
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